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Much as We are termed as  the most effective Fumigation providers in Nairobi Kenya. As a result, Our Services include  termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, and rodents control. Most noteworthy  (commercial and residential premises). Therefore, We lead while others follow. Therefore, We have been gaining expertise in pest control services ever since we were found. Furthermore We have built up extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities of all pest types   that can affect your businesses. In Addition, We have developed unmatched technical expertise in dealing with Pests.

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  • We know you want a nuisance pest-free environment and we can guarantee through our pest control Service Program.  We  are doing exactly what we say---using only the materials needed to do the job and using the best safe products for the environment.  Our Customized Solutions To Fit Your Needs Include:
  • Accurate termite inspections and reports
  • Bed bug Control and elimination.
  • Crawling insect  control and elimination.
  • Stinging insect solutions including bee & wasps .
  •  Ant Control ,Silverfish Control  and Flea Control .
  • Bedbug Control  and Termite Damage Repairs,
  • Termite nest  extermination
  • Rodents(mice, roof rats) extermination, trapping and removal
  • Spraying for spiders  and Monthly preventative bug spraying
  • Complete termite and pest control services
  • termite control and ten [10] years warranty.