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Bed Bug Control Services in Kenya

bed bugs control servicesPest Flush Exterminators is the leading provider Bed Bugs control Services in Kenya. Bed Bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate and multiply faster than you may think and we have adopted the latest & effective bed bug detection and extermination. For those clients that are in need of our assistance, we can help you get your home or apartment ready. Depending on the treatment process the preparation may vary.

100% Effective & Environmentally Safe Treatment
Our bed bug control services is the most effective in Kenya. We have specifically designed application tools for treatments of crack and crevices and areas where bed bugs hide.

Free Home Inspection
If you have evidence of bed bugs infestation or want to help prevent your home against bed bugs, call Us today for a free inspection.. On our first visit, we examine your entire home including beddings, furniture, carpets, cars and linens. Call us today and schedule for a free inspection.

Bed Bug Identification
Beds adults range 4-5 mm long, Nymphs from 1mm long. Oval body shape and flattened from back to underside. Nymphs can survive several weeks without blood meal. Adults can survive up to one year without feeding. Can be found anywhere where people take long periods of time. Bed bugs control include use of liquid sprays such as bed rums and gas fumigation

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